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We pursue every avenue of redress for our clients.

The fastest-growing segment of dispute resolution field is in Mediation and Arbitration. Mediation, which is typically a voluntary non-binding forum to settle cases before a mutually chosen neutral, can be an effective and cost-efficient method of resolving disputes. Arbitration, which is typically agreed to at the time of contract, is an informal but binding way to resolve disputes outside the courtroom, without the costs of litigation, before a mutually chosen neutral.

Mediation gives the parties a chance to air their grievances before a neutral and then work toward an amicable resolution under the guidance of the neutral. Arbitration gives the parties an opportunity to present their case before a neutral in a streamlined manner which is both cost effective and fair.

We have mediated and arbitrated cases in both New York and New Jersey over the past 30 years. The Mediations and Arbitrations have been conducted both with nationally-known organizations and through court-sanctioned programs. Our Mediations and Arbitrations are designed to save clients money and achieve favorable results. We are well positioned to advocate on our clients’ behalf and help them achieve success.

In addition, Judah D. Greenblatt has taken 30.5 hours of Basic Mediation training and 21.5 hours of Advanced Commercial Mediation training. His application to join the Roster of Mediators in the United State District Court (SDNY) and the New Jersey Superior Court is pending.