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“Mr. Greenblatt is a skilled and experienced mediator. He assisted in resolving a complex matter involving matters which I was unsure could resolve in a single session. Mr. Greenblatt pushed the parties appropriately and with success.”
-Jesse R., Attorney 

I recently worked on a FLSA case before Mr. Greenblatt which, truthfully, I had low confidence could settle. Mr. Greenblatt’s keen understanding of the interpersonal context, coupled with his frank analysis of the case, resulted in a settlement after one session.”
-Samantha J., Attorney 

Mediator Greenblatt was instrumental in helping the parties resolve a complicated wage and overtime case.  He exhibited patience, expertise, knowledge of the legal issues and good timing, that is an excellent sense of when to push and when to lay back.”
-Evan S., HP Smart

“I had the pleasure of co-mediating with Judah in a particularly challenging employment law case. I was impressed with his skills as a mediator, his ability to work cohesively as part of a team and to think creatively under pressure.”
-Susan S., Mediator