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We work closely with clients to navigate corporate and commercial legal and business matters.

New Businesses/Start-ups: Specialized Guidance for Entrepreneurs and Start-ups
America is the midst of a business and technological revolution. From Google to Facebook to Twitter, companies founded by entrepreneurs are changing the way we consume and interact with content and information at breakneck speeds.

Whether your start-up is web-based, services-based, or develops software, applications or products, you need to protect your valuable ideas, plans and designs in order to effectively grow your company.

The professionals at Greenblatt Lesser have a special understanding of the needs of today’s start-up enterprises. Since 1997, we have aided many businesses by providing solid business and creative legal advice.

We provide new companies with the advice and tools they need to understand the legal environment in which they are–or will be–operating and protect their valuable assets and intellectual property. Services we provide include:

  • Formation of the business entity—ensuring preservation and protection of founders’ and investors’ personal assets)
  • Negotiation and drafting of founders’, shareholder and operating agreements.
  • Drafting product-specific non-disclosure and non-circumvention agreements—ensuring integrity during partnering discussions and/or investment negotiations.
  • Employment and independent contractor agreements—including non-compete and non-solicitation covenants.
  • Software and service contracts
  • Assistance with trademarks and protection of intellectual property
  • Software licensing agreements

Greenblatt Lesser is also sensitive to the need for new enterprises to conserve capital when launching new ventures. As a result, under appropriate circumstances, we will provide our services and help clients achieve their goals under alternative fee arrangements that preserve cash when it is needed most.

We invite entrepreneurs to call upon us at any time to find out how we can be of valuable help to your business too. Contact us at: (201) 342-6262.