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ADR / Mediation  and Arbitration
The fastest-growing segments of the alternative dispute resolution field are in Mediation and Arbitration. Mediation is a voluntary non-binding forum in which to settle cases before a mutually chosen neutral. It can be an effective and cost-efficient method of resolving disputes. Arbitration, which is typically agreed to at the time of contract, is an informal but binding way to resolve disputes outside the courtroom, without the costs of litigation, before a mutually chosen neutral.

Mediation gives the parties a chance to air their grievances before a neutral and then work toward an amicable resolution under the guidance of the neutral. Arbitration gives the parties an opportunity to present their case before a neutral in a streamlined manner which is both cost effective and fair.

Judah D. Greenblatt has served as a Mediator or as an Arbitrator in many cases. In Mediation, he has a high success rate. In post-mediation feedback, Mr. Greenblatt has received high marks for his calm demeanor, ability to make each party feel heard and strategies to move the parties towards an amicable resolution. Regarding Arbitration, post Award feedback tends to focus on the diligence and thoughtfulness with which Mr. Greenblatt fulfills his duties as Arbitrator, creating an atmosphere where the parties feel that their case was thoroughly heard and decided.

Currently, all of his cases are being conducted via Zoom. As Covid restrictions ease up, however, Mr. Greenblatt, who is fully vaccinated, will conduct in-person Mediations and Arbitrations at the request of the parties.

Judah D. Greenblatt trained extensively to become a Mediator and an Arbitrator. He currently serves on the United States District Court panel of Mediators for the Southern and Eastern Districts, the Supreme Court of the State of New York panel of Mediators for New York County, and the AAA panel of Mediators for consumer, commercial and construction cases. He also serves on the New Jersey Superior Court roster of Arbitrators for contract cases in Bergen County and the AAA panel of Arbitrators for consumer, commercial and construction cases. He has mediated or arbitrated a wide variety of claims including those pertaining to car loans, bank loans, consumer transactions, financial transactions, FSLA, ADA, CFA, labor law, personal injury, contracts, construction, real estate and partnership.